love-quoteWith so many negative headlines surfacing lately related to hatred, terrorism, uncertainty, violence, bigotry and racism, both domestically and globally, it seems exceedingly difficult to remain optimistic about society. It appears perfectly practical to live a life filled with fear and uncertainty. But practicality does not produce beauty. ◊

Some think it’s idealistic to remain optimistic and hopeful in these uncertain times, but I think it’s a necessity. I’d rather live knowing that goodness still exists, and that we continue to strive for it collectively using the potency of love. I’d rather live knowing that we all possess the power to inspire and understand one another – not in spite of, but because of our differences. Our differences are, after all, the material that threads the beautiful fabric of our cultures. ♥

I’d probably a terrible politician because I’d like to tell Washington that love and compassion is what can heal our culture and our relations with others. It sounds like a total stretch to relate policy to the power of love and compassion, but in my opinion, they are inextricably tied. Humans, at their core, our loving beings. Somewhere along the road of materialism, imperialism and industrialization, we seem to have forgotten this simple fact. ⇓

“Love is the most potent power we possess. Love is the road to forgiveness and acceptance. Love is the universal force that connects us, that reminds us that we are all human. Love lies at the center of all religions, but it remains of at the core of the non-religious, too.” – Christina Lee 

Below ↓ is a little excerpt I wrote awhile back about love. While we all have different interpretations and experiences with love, here is mine. I’d love to hear yours in the comments below.


“You can have too much of everything but love. There is no such thing as too much love. Love is the infinite force that transcends all. Love is the overflowing fountain that can quench all of the world’s thirst. Love never offends or judges, and it certainly doesn’t keep count. Love demands no specific religion or sect. Love is all-inclusive and infinitely empowering. Love is the passion that fuels your purpose. If you have only love to give, what else is there to receive? Love is the compounding investment that only increases. Our explanations of love will always fall short, because it can only be felt. Love trumps definition but demands explanation and action. Love is the answer to questions you have yet to ask. Love is brimming inside of you and love is you. Love is you and me.” – Christina Lee 

How do you explain love? 

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