If you read The Clean Method or follow us on Instagram, you know why I’m using Torii Labs all-natural ‘Awake’ Tonic to reduce my caffeine cravings. But if you haven’t read the article or caught the Instagram post, let me fill you in on why I was drawn to Torii Labs products – and continue to be a loyal consumer. ♥  At the bottom of this article, I’ll also share a special promo code for a discount on these amazing products with you!

Torii Labs was co-founded by two health enthusiasts that understood the importance of balance for optimal health. Yet both co-founders didn’t want to sacrifice performance. Take Co-founder Giles Hayward, who spent years in the high-stress field of investment management. Giles found himself overstimulating with too much caffeine to keep up with all the heavy workload, just as I did with my digital marketing consultancy. {Check out the story on my ridiculous caffeine cravings and how I curbed them with Torii products here.}


I knew this caffeine craze didn’t fit my passion for living clean. Never mind the grand irony in that all the coffee actually made me more too tired – which, as I just learned, is actually scientifically proven thanks to the internal acid build-up it creates. Needless to say, I realized I needed to change, and the universe conspired to my desire. I stumbled across a health tonic in one of my favorite Noho eateries, The Alchemist’s Kitchen, that assisted with my “caffeine recovery.”

That tonic was Torii Awake: Torii Labs all-natural herbal blend that promotes natural vitality and stamina, as well as increased alertness and mental clarity. And, believe it or not, it was entirely CAFFEINE-FREE. Needless to say, I was sold. Moreover, it worked. After a week of imbibing the Torii Awake tonic, I had reduced my coffee intake from four to two cups daily {a grand feat for me} and now I’m down to one cup of cold-brew coffee with full-fat coconut milk in the morning – mostly because I just love the taste.

Since then, Torii Labs has sent me a number of their products to try, beyond Torii Awake. Essentially, Torii Labs has founded products to promote our bodies’ natural energy cycles: from waking up in the morning, to restoring after physical effort, to unwinding after a long day. The good news is all of Torii Labs products are comprised of non-GMO, organic ingredients that are sustainably-sourced.

While Torii Restore was a wonderful post-workout solution that promoted muscle regeneration, I especially loved Torii Unwind – probably because I really needed it to get my sleep cycle back in line after all the days of over-doing the caffeine! This sleep-inducing formula, containing all natural-herbs, helps release tension by calming the central nervous system and promoting a deep, restorative sleep.

The Torii Unwind formula – which is sold as a tonic and now in a shot form (my favorite because of how it easy it is to take) needs only a few ingredients thanks to their potency:

♦ Skullcap, Tart Cherry, Bee Pollen, Griffonia Seed and Fulvic Acid ♦

Though I was familiar with cherry’s melatonin-inducing properties, and the wonderful immune support that Bee Pollen provides, I was unfamiliar with the other ingredients. If you are too, here’s a bit more information on them ↓

  • Skullcap is an herbal sedative that aids in restlessness
  • Griffonia Seed stimulates the release of the neurotransmitter, 5-HTP, which aids in relaxation, sleep and mood stabilization.

But the real secret weapon in this formula is Torii Labs own clandestine discovery, and the naturally potent ingredient contained in all of its formulas: Fulvic acid. This organic compound is scientifically proven to increase nutrient absorption and promote cellular detoxification. I think we all need a bit more of that.

I’ve never been a great sleeper – and I’ve tried a host of separate supplements over the years – from melatonin to Theanine, even to 5-HTP. While all of these products might have helped, I’d rather invest in an easily-absorbed product that contains all of the sleep-inducing ingredients, rather than buying them separately. {Not to mention I seem to absorb everything better in liquid form.}

My suggestion? If you have trouble falling asleep or unwinding after a long day, like most of us do, Torii Labs Unwind is likely the right product for you. Subscribe on their website and for a limited time, receive a free box of any shot. Start restoring your body’s natural energy flow, with Torii Labs. Shop their naturally restorative product collection online, or find them in a store near you.

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Questions about Torii Labs products? Check out their FAQs.


Suggestions or comments on how to naturally beat caffeine cravings?

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