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As you might know, Instagram is a channel I use quite frequently – both for and @therealchristinalee + @thecleanmethod. If you don’t already, follow me! I’ve really enjoyed growing both of these accounts organically, because it’s a challenge and because it’s enabled me to have another revenue channel that churns a profit. Here’s how I worked my Instagram accounts. Keep in mind, this will be a series of posts, as Instagram is always changing and there’s much to learn!

Simple Secrets to Get More Followers + Engagement on Instagram

#1. Join Instagram Engagement Groups 


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What’s that? Yeah, I know. I actually just learned about this but it’s a great trick. Type in “Instagram Engagement” on Facebook and you’ll find a list of groups dedicated to sharing news about this social platform. It’s a great way to network and you can find a group specific to the niche you post about. You can also gain followers and likes from people who have shared interests. Extra tip? Follow the Facebook pages of people who join the group.

#2. Repost Other Instagram Users’ Content

As of late, you have to get permission to post another Instagram users’ content. As always, you need to make sure the Instagram user is properly credited. However, it’s a great way to find engaging content for your account and make more connections on Instagram while building trust with other users. Plus, you’re able to tap into their following. Choose someone within your niche and this will be a really helpful strategy. Repost app is a great way to easily share others’ content and make sure they are properly credited.

#3. Make Use of Hashtags


Carefully choose hashtags to accelerate your Instagram promotion strategy

Once you know your niche, find hashtags that would appeal to your target market. If you write about #beauty, do an online search of the top hashtags in beauty and combine these with more specific and unique hashtags that represent your content. Instagram enables you to post up to 30 hashtags, in the comments section or in the copy of the post. A good tip is to start out using as many hashtags as possible to make your account more discoverable. After you’ve established a following, I would use less hashtags and post them in the comments (after you’ve received comments from other visitors.) This is because you want to establish trust with your audience and future followers.



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