Today, amongst the hustle and bustle of phone calls, emails and demos, I ran into the kitchen to make a cup of green tea and something stopped me in my hasty tracks. The words “You are unlimited” written in fine print on the little tag attached to the tea bag’s string made me, literally, pause before I discarded it.

The message struck me, mostly, because of its timing. I had just finished up a demo of a fancy platform for managing all of my data, and although I loved it, I felt I couldn’t afford it. I even explained my woes to the guy on the phone, “I started too many projects. I’m spread too thin.”

What I hadn’t realized was that my words were limiting me. My thoughts were limiting me.

And we are not limited.

In fact, we are limitless. Limitless in our capacity to change, grow, manage, execute, create, give.

The only things that limits us from our achieving our capacity are our beliefs about our capacity.

Because we are afraid of just how capable we are; just how much we can do, accomplish, be, give.

Have you ever heard the quote from the brilliant Marianne Williamson:

“Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our greatest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”


We are powerful. We are unlimited in our capacity.

We simply need to take the caps off ourselves. We need to exchange our limiting beliefs for limitless beliefs.

What caps have you placed on yourself? On your abilities?

Did someone convince you that you were limited in some manner or did you convince yourself?

It doesn’t matter who or what lead you to believe this. All that matters is that you can change any limiting belief now by shifting your thoughts. By replacing powerless thoughts with powerful thoughts. By empowering yourself. By realizing you have already have all the gifts you need to fulfill your destiny and it is simply you –  like me – that needs to believe it in order to achieve it.


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