This week was a challenging one for me.
I’ve been struggling with my health due to an autoimmune disease for years, and I was recently experiencing what’s referred to as a “flare.” Essentially, this is just when your chronic symptoms intensify – in my case, sapping me of all energy and resulting in high, discomfiting fevers.
I was pretty down this week, to be honest. I share this with you because as much as I emphasize positivity and spirituality as essential elements to a fulfilling life, I am also very aware of the fact that sometimes it’s hard to see through this lens amidst life’s constant challenges.
Although I couldn’t work and had to postpone a photoshoot that I was very much looking forward to, I had a moment yesterday where I realized that no matter how hard things were or became, I would not lose my sense of optimism and my relentless will to grow, inspire and be inspired.
As I regained a bit of energy today, I also realized that despite this challenge – and the mental and physical toll it can take – I won’t ever give up. Or give in. Ever. No matter what.
I’m sharing this with all of you because I know that all of us have something – usually much more than one thing – we’re grappling with in our lives. I am well aware that some grapple with struggles or issues much worse than mine – and my blessings and love shower all of those that do.
But I want this to serve as a reminder to all of you that no matter what the challenge – if you view it as a test, a strengthener, a means of perspective on what’s important – and what’s not – you will persevere.
Even if it’s unfair, even if it’s hurts, even if it seems merely impossible to overcome. 
You will overcome.
I truly believe that God gives each of us only what we can handle. Don’t turn away from God. And don’t turn away from people. At least the good ones. The ones that have been there for not just the good – but the bad, too.
This week I was reminded, once again, what an incredible family I have. Their support, love and loyalty for me throughout all of the challenges correlated to my health has never wavered. That kind of strength beckons my own in even my weakest moments.
Maybe your family has stood by you, or your friends, or your spouse or partner or your colleague. Whomever it is, thank them. And thank God for the strength that your hardships will provide you with. Sometimes, we don’t easily see this when we’re amidst the storm, but I assure that when the water calms, you will come out cleansed, essential as always, and even more powerful than before.
My love and blessings go out to you all. ♥
And my sincere thank you for your incessant support. The plethora of subscribers to this (new) newsletter made my tear up. I look forward to sharing more (hopefully) inspirational stories, as well as some special promos and codes reserved for all of you that follow, read, support and continue to use love and hope as your guides.
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