Have you ever noticed that when you’re immersed in doing something you love, factors like time, doubt – even external distractions – seem to slip from focus. When that occurs, you’ve successfully entered a flow state: a topic we’ll talk about more in a follow-up post.

do- what-you-love-quote

But why – beyond this increased sense of alertness and focus – do people tell you to do what you love? Because when you do what you love, additional, positive behavioral changes occur, as in the below:

  • you’re more energized
  • you’re more optimistic
  • you’re more confident
  • you’re more authentic
  • you’re more open to opportunities
  • you find opportunities that fit what you love to do and
  • opportunities find you that fit what you love to do

Doing what you love doesn’t have to be limited to a career. In fact, doing what you love has limitless capacity. Finding out what you love requires limitless curiosity.

Think back to when you were a child. You were incessantly curious. When you found something you loved, you would pursue it fearlessly.

Why do we neglect the child within us to conform to societal standards promote purpose, but demote passion?

You won’t know your purpose until you know your passion.

What is worth your passionate pursuit? What is worth your hard-earned effort? 

What you love to do is what you were born to do. What you love to do is your purpose.


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