Today in New York the weather is beautiful.

The air is crisp, the sun is shining, the breeze is light.

From today’s forecast, you’d be hard pressed to learn that a storm is inching its way into our state…

bringing strong winds and likely some snow.

As I stand on my balcony, with the bright sun gently warming my face, I can’t help but think about how these cyclical weather patterns pose a strong analogy to the natural cycles of life.

By this, I mean: the incredibly beautiful moments, inevitably met by the challenging ones.

And in this moment, as I stand with my feet firmly placed on the ground, I am reminded that without this balance – hot and cold, incredible and arduous – we would lose the essential sense of appreciation for the beautiful moments embedded with beautiful people that we cherish most.


So today, my affirmation is this:

I appreciate this moment and 

no matter the change of season or tides

no matter the challenge or setback

I welcome all change

as natural and essential

to my growth and more importantly,

the growth of others

for all growth is collective 

all evolution is shared.

As such,

I will appreciate not only this beautiful moment

but all future moments


the lessons they hold

the memories they leave behind

the beauty embedded in each second

so, I cherish this moment,

and I vow to cherish all moments, to the best of my ability,

from this moment, moving forward.

With the understanding that

inherent in all of life’s experiences are lessons.

inherent in all of our perceived challenges are solutions.

in spite of all pain, there is the opportunity for growth and change.

in light of every moment, there is reason to celebrate.



Today, I am to remember these simple things, mainly that:

Every breath is a miracle.

Every moment is an opportunity.

Every setback is a setup – for something better;

something we are more equipped to understand

thanks to the wisdom of our past,

the observation of our present

the nearness and availability of our opportune future.

Today, I wish for you to celebrate – no matter the weather, the situation, the challenges…

I wish for you to step back so you can fully step into the next moment,

with faith, courage and an unbending capacity

to appreciate all that life has and continues to offer you —

to realize the value of this moment, and the one to follow.

to encounter the depth and beauty of all existence,

to be grateful, and to express that gratitude as often as you can to all of those that have crossed for your path

for really,

these friends, lovers, parents, children, guardians,

whether terrible or wonderful

have been teachers and guides

offering us invaluable insight

into who we are and what we are to become and overcome

on this beautiful journey,

that we call life.

Today, as everyday, I am sending you all my love, blessings and most pertinently, appreciation. 



Christina Lee | @therealchristinalee & @thecleanmethod

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