Patience. Passion. Perseverance.

The three keys (or ‘P’s’) to success.

This isn’t my own motto. Rather, this is one of the many wise statements made by the music icon, business mogul & philanthropist, Armando Christian Pérez, though most of you likely know him by his stage name, Pitbull. If you don’t like commercialized rap or hip-hop, you’ll probably want to stop reading this right now, though I strongly urge you to continue.

I likely relate to many of you in that I wouldn’t normally derive advice from a seemingly commercialized version of a rap star (though I do love hip-hop!) But alas, I am reminded not to judge a book by its cover, because after listening to Tony Robbins interview Pitbull for the Tony Robbins Podcast, I was in awe of Pitbull’s passion, commitment, philanthropic contributions & inherent spirituality. But, perhaps the most interesting aspect about him is that he does not measure success in terms of money, as society instructs us to do. Rather, he measures his own version of success in terms of a much more intangible and sought-after commodity: happiness. What would life look like if we all measured success like that?

So Pitbull’s words of advice – Patience. Passion. Perseverance. – really stuck with me. I simply couldn’t shake them from my mind throughout the day. Subliminally to me, yet likely evidently to you, it’s what inspired me to write this post, one that I very much owe to you all. Hearing these words made me realize – even meditate on – just how essential each of these ingredients are for sustainable success. So let’s break down the three P’s to success, shall we?


never stop reaching for the stars.

The Three P’s/Keys to Success:

Patience: Success is not an overnight phenomenon, though it is packaged and sold to us by so many sources – the media, influencers, celebrities – as such. Success demands patience, but we live in a society where patience is undervalued and instant gratification is overvalued. No successful person has ever morphed into their true potential overnight. However, the decision to become a success can occur in an instant: the instant that you choose to follow your passion, which, with hard work and perseverance, will ultimately lead to your destiny.

Passion: You’ve likely heard the advice ‘follow your passion’ time and time again, perhaps to the point where you become confused about what, specifically, you’re passionate about. Perhaps this is because you’ve been inundated with information about what to be passion about. For practical advice on that, I like to refer to this quote from the wildly successful Amazon CEO/Founder, Jeff Bezos: you do not choose your passions, your passions choose you. Your passions are gifts from God.

Your passions are unique and your own, and to know them is to actually relinquish the struggle to find them. – Christina Lee Schmohl 


your passions are unique and your own quote.

Perseverance: No successful person got to where they are today by giving up. Perhaps they had to change their strategy – or “pivot,” as it’s called in business – to get where they are today. Or, perhaps they had to create a unique strategy from scratch, in order to manifest their dreams and deepest desires. But what is perseverance, exactly? Determination, yes. Resilience, yes. But how do you acquire these qualities? How do you learn to “not give up?” By learning to deal with shut doors, and so-called ‘mistakes.’ By learning to hear “no” time and time again but continuing to say “yes” to the things you believe in. No does not indicate stop. It simply means find another way to go. Knock upon a different door. Keep seeking and you shall find. It just might be found in the most unexpected places.

Keep seeking and you will find.

Which brings me to the last remark I’ll leave you with, promise…

I don’t believe in luck, per-se. But I do believe in a little sprinkle of something like magic. And “magic” might not be the best word for the type of supernatural success I’m talking about. The right word, I believe, is ‘Grace.’ When you are on your true path towards your own version of success, there will be not only set-backs, slammed doors, many no’s and tons of hurdles to jump past.

There will also be….unexplained brilliance. Dreams that become destines. Moments that take your breathe away. Feelings that supercede those emotions we’ve come so well to know. 

So, please, never stop believing in the truth that the universe has your back and will help you seize all opportunities that you are meant to fulfill. All dreams that you are encouraged to bring to fruition. Just stay on your course, keep your pace and don’t forget to look up and give thanks for all the magnificent peaks and valleys on your journey. 

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