god-grace-quotesPeople are often surprised when I talk about the power of spirituality and faith in healing the mind, body and soul. I think this is mainly because I promote a ton of healthy practices and products, yet I don’t typically broadcast my religious beliefs. This is mainly because I know how sensitive the topic of religion, like politics, can be – and I never want to impose my own beliefs on someone else. I do, however, find it important to share my own personal experience of faith’s healing power with my readers because it would be unfair to say that all other practices – including meditation, exercise, good nutrition –  improved my life without paying homage and humility to the gratitude I have for God’s blessings.

While I am a Christian, I enjoy learning about all faiths and I support the freedom of everyone to practice their own belief system and engage in their own relationship with God or a higher source. I also believe that each person encounters spirituality at different times and in different ways throughout their life’s journey.

I had a spiritual awakening of sorts a year and a half ago when I was very ill and in bed for several months. I feared for my life and questioned my purpose, and I knew that I had much more life to live and growing to do. I felt a presence wash over me, warming me and calming me, like the light rays shining through my bedroom window. I had a moment of clarity unlike any other –  I understood God was there and God was holding me, even in my times of highest discomfort.

We might not all experience the same degree of pain, but I believe as humans we all have moments of fear and hardship that make us question our lives and our life’s work. Eradicating fear became essential to me because I considered it my survival. If I were sick and afraid, I would never improve. If I were sick and strong, things could only get better.

But I did not rid myself of fear alone. I prayed like I never prayed before and pulled from the strength of God to quell my fear and rid me of my pain and illness.

That moment in my bedroom at 25 was so life-changing for me that I feel the need to share it with anyone that feels afraid or is searching for an answer or support to overcome any hardship. You can’t always talk to people but you can always talk to God. 


When you’re afraid, you can trust God.

When you’re scared, sing your praise. Even when it’s hard. 

Thank God for all the blessings He has given you. 

God does not want you to live in fear. He wants you to live in love. Just look at this passage from John 4:18 in the Bible. It remains one of my favorites, and serves as a reminder that no matter what the circumstances may be, I don’t have to live with anxiety, worry or fear because it enables me to understand:

1 John 4:18

New International Version (NIV)

18 There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.

When you are afraid, ask God to open your heart to experience His loving grace. Grace cannot be earned, because it is a gift. Grace is defined as God’s unmerited favor towards us. Because God’s favor is unmerited, there is nothing we can do to earn it or earn more of it. We simply have to use the power of our faith to receive God’s grace and experience His healing love and favor.

When you are scared, remember that God is for you. Not against you. He lives within you. He breathed His life into you. He wants you to succeed in all endeavors. He wants you to live an abundant life.

Once you open your heart to receiving God’s love and grace, I guarantee you your circumstance will improve, you will receive answers to questions you’ve long had, and you will realize God’s love, abundance and blessings on a new level in your life.

Bless UP and God Bless you all x 

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