I’ve been very interested in the concept of self-belief lately. Largely because I wanted to develop more of it and simultaneously because I’ve always been inspired by people that seem to have a lot of it.


Nearly all successful people I know possess a large degree of what I would deem ‘self-belief.’ In other words, they speak, act and appear in a way that outwardly communicates a strong belief in themselves, including their ideas and their dreams. They appear confident, but not cocky. Assured, but not self-righteous. Determined, but not obstinate. All of these qualities are ones that I want to continue to develop, and that my readers have shared they would also likely to develop.

My understanding is that all of these qualities are rooted in belief – specifically self-belief. This is how I conceptualized ‘The Belief Circle:’ a paradigm that I believe can help all of us achieve more self-confidence and self-awareness on the path to fulfilling our dreams.

So what do I mean by ‘The Belief Circle?’

♦ The Belief Circle ♦

When you believe in yourself, others will believe in you.

When others believe in you, you will believe in yourself.

In order for others to believe in you, you must believe in yourself first.

You do not need others to believe in you in order to believe in yourself.

However, others will believe in you when you believe in yourself AND

others’ beliefs in you will amplify your belief in yourself.

In order to accomplish your goals, achieve your dreams, live a fulfilled life and have a positive impact on others, you need to believe in yourself. And you need to believe in yourself before you can expect others to believe in you. 

How do you develop self-belief?

Know who you are. Define your core characteristics. Core characteristics can include personality traits, interests, attributes, habits, hobbies, values, beliefs. Just create an honest list of such aforementioned core characteristics. Do not worry about labeling them as positive or negative. Instead, try to define them as serving or not-serving, and by that I mean helpful or not helpful for the life you would like to lead. Let’s say you listed one of your personality traits as resentful. Instead of labeling this trait as bad, simply label it as not self-serving. Once you know the core characteristics that do not serve you, you can learn to gently let them go and focus on building the characteristics that do serve you. Characteristics that do serve you may include generosity, kindness, creativity, or hard work.

Live a life according to your values. This requires you to know your values, or the aspects of life you care about most. Perhaps it’s family or fulfillment – maybe it’s creativity or generosity. Maybe it’s even money. We all have different values. These values are derived from our beliefs, or our deeply held opinions about the world (some of which we are not even consciously aware.) Our values are important to understand, because they influence our actions, habits, etc., and ultimately the aggregate of all of these behaviors becomes our character. Do not judge your values, just as you did not judge your core characteristics. Instead, identify them so that you can live a life with integrity in accordance with them. If you do not know your values, meditate upon: what brings you joy, what you care to protect, what you feel that you could never sacrifice? When you live a life in which your actions are in accordance with your values you will reach your destiny. 

Live authentically. Just as you must know who you are, you must live a life according to who you are. Do not try to be someone else. The beauty of your life and all that unfolds as a result of your life is that it is entirely unique. You are a beautiful, divine manifestation of grace. You have a combination of special gifts and traits that no one else possesses. Why, then, try to become or imitate someone else?

Lead yourself. Many of us want to lead others. Leading others – by mentoring, teaching, growing, showing – brings us great joy. But we cannot lead others until we lead ourselves. That means we must know how to be the best managers of ourselves. This does not mean we need to re-create ourselves or drastically change ourselves. Rather, we need to amplify our thinking to amplify our natural state and all that we were made to fulfill.

If you find it hard to find or develop self-belief, remember this:

  • you are unique. ♥
  • you deserve to have a beautiful life. ♥
  • you deserve your own love. ♥
  • what you give you will receive. ♥
  • if you give yourself love, you will receive love. ♥
  • you are incredibly powerful and capable of incredible transformation and amplification. ♥
  • you have a unique story to tell and your story will inspire the story of others. ♥

If you’re reading this article, you are likely questioning your own degree of self-belief.

But guess what? That means you’re asking the right question! And if you ask the right question, you will find the right answer – the right answer being the one that you are seeking.

I hope this article serves as a little piece of inspiration for you on your beautiful & wonderful life journey. 

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