Some of us love challenges – especially the ones we sign up for.
We enjoy the satisfaction of being called upon to do challenging work – whether at home, or in our careers. Often we know that if we pinpoint our focus and contribute to things we are passionate about, we will achieve the positive results we had hoped for.
But what about the challenges we don’t sign up for? 
What about the things that work against us in our day-to-day lives?
These challenges present themselves in a variety of ways – from financial concerns, to health problems to relationship issues.
Nearly all of us are familiar with some form of these challenges; most of us are familiar with more than one.
Even if we aren’t currently experiencing any form of these challenges, many of us spend our lives worried about the moment that we will encounter them again.
So how we do eliminate that worry?
How do we get to a place where we are at peace with our current challenges or the challenges we have yet to face? 
Here’s how:
By digging in.
By doing our due diligence.
By looking deeply within ourselves, not in judgment, but in observation.
By getting dirty from our own problems, so we can polish, rearrange, delete. 
Because when we take the time to be introspective – to sit in silence, to meditate, to affirm – we witness the power of our true nature: a power so divine and infinite and unique.
When we harness this unique manifestation of ourselves, we can attain a higher perspective; the same perspective that got us through the challenges that we chose. 
When challenges imminently present themselves throughout the course of our lives, we are being called to examine a higher question. Yet often we jump to conclusions. We look quickly for band-aid like solutions.
This is because we were born to solve problems. Problem solving is how we survived.
We can tap into this innate problem solving power. But first, we need to shift our perspective. We need to see our challenges not as problems but as opportunities for solutions.
I know that’s hard to do today because we seem to be so inundated with challenges – large and small. It becomes easy to lose sight of the essential question that lies within that challenge. But within that essential question, lies our answer, the blessing, the lesson.
When we rush to find answers, make assumptions, draw quick conclusions, or blame others for our challenges, we simply create more of them. 
When we accept our challenges as gifts that contain necessary lessons, we can be freed from them.
From this place of stillness and gratitude, we can find answers to our essential questions. We can rise above our challenges.
This week I challenge you to see your challenges as gifts. To find the opportunity within the challenge. To listen to the larger question the Universe is asking of you. To dig deep within your heart and soul – and watch as the answer is naturally presented.
Wishing you a happy, healthy, prosperous week, as always, and unbounded blessings on your journey.
Christina | Connect with me on Instagram: @therealchristinalee / @thecleanmethod
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