Effort will determine your destiny.


The fundamental key in the success of our relationships;  the cultivation of our dreams; the push towards our unique visions for the future. 

Effort is the work we do after we realize what we want. Effort takes grit and steals sweat and commands the acknowledgement of disappointment. But effort – and the acceptance of it as a necessity – is also what sees us through.

∇Effort is what enables us to manifest our destinies

Our hard (and soft) labor and inevitable disappointments will motivate us to put it in even more effort – maybe in hours, or maybe in strategies to cut down on the hours we spend, say, working towards our dreams.

Effort is not easy to maintain, but it relatively easily to initially cultivate – especially if we are passionate about what we are about about to embark upon. 

To know where to put your effort:

∇Recognize what you’re passionate about

Maybe it’s similar to the aforementioned examples – your relationships, your dreams, your vision – or maybe it’s different. Ignite and maintain passion in the areas of life you value most.

Attach passion to areas of your life that you would like to improve

Perhaps you don’t love your current job, but you have chosen to stick with your specific career path. Make your current job more enjoyable by sparking up passion for redundant tasks by attaching it to a greater meaning – such as your likelihood of being promoted in the future.

No matter where you take off – effort will make a world of difference in where you land.

And the good news is – effort is free. 

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