Since I’ve been sticking to a plant-based diet, I’ve been looking more and more into vegan, specifically cruelty-free skin products. If you thought vegan and cruelty-free were one in the same like I initially did, they’re actually a bit different. Here’s how:

Vegan products contain no animal-derived ingredients.
Cruelty-free products have not been tested on animals.

While there are copious benefits to buying vegan and cruelty-free  skincare, like lowering your toxic exposure and combating skin conditions exacerbated by chemical ingredients, I see the most important advantage as the fact that you will be supporting companies that promote safer practices by saving precious animals from harmful lab testing.

With that being said, not all vegan and cruelty-free skincare products are made the same, which is many consumers prefer to stick to less natural products that they find them more effective.

Meet Swanky Spot.

A Leaping Bunny cruelty-free company since 2016, Swanky Spot’s products are cruelty-free, vegan, organic and non-toxic, making them the perfect pick for the clean and conscious consumer. Beyond all of this, I love this company because they’re products are comprised of potent and natural ingredients – that actually do what they say they will!

I had the pleasure of testing two of their body creams {Majestic Argan Whipped Body Butter & Elegant Revitalizing Cream} and two of their facial serums {Opulent Repairing Facial Serum & Luxuriously Revitalizing Serum.} The products were made fresh after order, and arrived in beautiful, ethically-sourced packaging, and each product contained a card explaining not only the ingredients – but the benefits of each ingredient.

Although I love all of the products, I can’t stop applying the Opulent Repairing Facial Serum because beyond being completely hydrating, it gives my skin a wonderful glow. (This is likely be due to the turmeric it contains – remember this magical an anti-inflammatory? Well it’s also proven to brighten and rejuvenate the skin.) I also adore the Majestic Argan Whipped Body Butter because it moistens my skin without leaving a sticky finish, and the smell of lavender oil is beyond divine.

Nearly all of the products contained Argan oil, which is highly-moisturizing yet non-comedogenic (so it won’t make you break out.) If you thought this clean company couldn’t get anymore conscious, think again! Both the Argan Oil and The Shea Butter are derived from female owned businesses in Morocco and Africa, respectively.

So if you’re searching for effective, cruelty-free AND vegan products like I was, check out The Swanky Spot. These clean and conscious products are something you, and your skin, can feel good about.

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