Into The Jungle: A Weekend Exploring Trendy Tulum

I was lucky enough to spend the weekend before last in Tulum, celebrating the upcoming wedding of one my best friends. To say I fell in love with this natural, jungle hideaway is an understatement. Scroll down to find out why.


If you’re unfamiliar with Tulum, it’s a small slice of paradise located 90 minutes south of Cancun on the Caribbean coastline of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.

If you’re young and full of wanderlust, chances are that you’ve already heard of this oceanic gem, as Tulum has become a trendy hot spot for millennial travelers looking for a fun escape into the jungle.


Our beautiful resort, Alaya Tulum

Why are more tourists than ever before flocking to Tulum?


♥ Tulum is profoundly beautiful.♥

A walled Mayan city in the jungle, Tulum is a well-preserved gem that sits on the edge of the Caribbean sea. 

♥ Tulum offers an delicate balance of healthful fun.

Contrast Tulum’s yoga studios, zen dens, and vegan bistros with its wild beach parties, artisanal cocktails and bars in the jungle. Not bad right?

♥ Tulum has delicious, clean cuisine.♥

Tulum utilizes the land’s natural resources like fresh seafood and home-grown fruits and vegetables to curate beautiful, authentic Mexican fare.

♥ Tulum has great shopping.♥

Organically designed to pay homage to the city’s natural beauty, Tulum boutiques offer hand-woven clothing, handmade jewelry and other hidden treasures. 

♥ Tulum is one big jungle party.♥

We were 20 girls celebrating a bachelorette, so I can say this…literally.


Tulum travelers are loving the town’s:

  • pristine beaches / ocean views
  • yoga studios / zen zones
  • lively bars / nightlife
  • healthy restaurants / delicious cuisine
  • beautiful boutiques
  • natural beauty / historical sites
  • outdoor activities
  • beach parties > like the one pictured below

Tulum disco via The Style Traveller

Below are some of my recommendations for eating and drinking your way through Tulum. 

P.S. – If it weren’t for the amazing Maid of Honor, Erika, I wouldn’t be able to give you any of these great suggestions!

Breakfast at the Resort: Alaya Tulum


picture via A Family Travel Blog

We were blessed to stay in the beautiful ocean-front cabanas at Alaya Tulum. Located in the heart of Tulum’s town, this 5-star resort offers incredible food at surprisingly reasonable prices. If you get a chance to travel to Tulum and stay at Alaya or simply enjoy breakfast in its open-air cafe, I highly recommend ordering the hot quinoa or egg burrito, both of which sound simple but tasted so good!


I miss our beach cabana already. Alaya Tulum, Travelocity.

Pick-me-up at Matcha Mama


Image via @mmolesky

Caffeine may or may not be a necessity for you, but for me, it’s a must. Although the coffee in Tulum was absolutely delicious, I’m a huge fan of green tea, so I couldn’t help but order an Iced Matcha Latte when I stumbled along this little rustic hut called Matcha Mama, just a few steps from our resort. The matcha was great, but the setting was even better, with swings for seats and a cute, hand-painted surfboard.

Dinner at Hartwood


Hartwood’s menu changes daily based upon the fresh ingredients its purveyors pick up from the local farms and markets. The food here is incredible, and the ambiance is beautiful. In the evening, the smoke from the grill coupled with the orange hue of candlelight intertwine to create a majestic and romantic atmosphere. If you don’t get a chance to travel to Tulum or eat here, Hartwood’s cookbook features some of their locally-inspired, Yucatan dishes.


Hartwood Restaurant’s Cookbook

Drinks at Gitano

Gitano’s drinks aren’t cheap, but it’s atmosphere is priceless. This jungle-enclosed restaurant and cocktail bar draws a big crowd in the evenings, especially for cocktails after dinner. Though Gitano’s busy bar makes it tough to get a drink, its jubilant crowd and disco-ball adorned dance floor makes it well worth the wait.


Gitano in the day time, before the party begins


Stay tuned for more Tulum recommendations, including my favorite DJ dance party at Coco Tulum, pictured below (pre-party.)


Coco Tulum Hotel’s Coco Beach Bar Turns Into A Beach Bash Every Sunday

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