For awhile now, we’ve heard of the benefits of probiotics for our digestive health.

We’ve also come to know that a good digestive system can result in glowing skin.

But did you know you can also achieve glowing skin by topically applying – not just ingesting – probiotics?


Gut-healing probiotics can also aid the skin

Welcome to the future of natural skincare. Probiotic-infused skincare products calm natural immune responses to external factors like stress and pollution, leading to healthy, balanced skin. I recently stumbled across Aurelia’s probiotic skincare line and was thoroughly impressed by their pioneering blend of beauty and science to curate products worthy of copious awards – both from consumers and beauty industry professionals.

Not to mention that I love Aurelia’s clean, simple branding.
Click the images above ⇑ to shop the Aurelia probiotic product line, including some of my favorites and important basics to good skincare. This includes their eye revitalizing duo, miracle balm & skincare cell revitalizing nightly moisturizer.
Tell me more:
Have you used probiotics for either your digestive health or as part of your skincare regimen?
If you answered yes to either, what products did you use and what were the results?
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