ann-voskamp-quoteThere are countless things to be grateful for – small and large. It can be as simple as the start of a new day, the first sip of hot coffee upon waking, or the way the sun streams through your window. It can be the music on your drive to work, or the book that you can curl up with at night. It can be the scent of the person you love, or the warmth of a memory. It can be the kindness of a stranger, or the support of a loved one.

Circumstances don’t have to be perfect for us to be grateful. Our gratitude in and of itself is perfect.

There are so many things I feel grateful for, but these 22 came to mind first. I can think of so many more, and I know you can, too.

22 Things to Be Grateful For:

  1. The morning sunrise
  2. The people that love you
  3. The food you eat
  4. The lessons you’ve learned
  5. The people you’ve met
  6. The goals you’ve achieved
  7. The freedoms you have
  8. The places you’ve seen
  9. The money you’ve made
  10. The dreams you’ve felt
  11. The love you’ve received
  12. The love you’ve given
  13. The love you’ve made
  14. The body you’ve been given
  15. The body you’ve created
  16. The laughter you’ve made
  17. The tears you’ve cried
  18. The art you’ve seen
  19. The art you’ve made
  20. The water you drink
  21. The air you breathe
  22. The life you live

What are you grateful for? It doesn’t matter how large or small. Let me know in the comments below!

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