As you begin to improve your time management skills, you’ll find you have much more free time in your schedule for activities you enjoy.

While this time could reasonably free you up for shopping, pampering or browsing social media (none of which I disapprove of) it could also enable you to dive back into old projects or explore new activities, without dropping a lot of cash.

Here are just a few affordable ways that you can enjoy the spare time you have, without breaking your budget. What I love most about this list of activities is that majority of them are incredible simple, making them that much more enjoyable in this fast-paced, digital era. In fact, the majority of these activities ask you to unplug from your technology and devices completely — which means you can finally take a deep breath. Time to decompress.

10 Totally Affordable, Tech-Free Ways to Enjoy Your Free Time


As much as I love the ability to read anything online or in digital format, there is something about picking up a hard-copy of a book – whether borrowed or bought – kicking your feet up and diving in. Especially a good novel! (Here is my all-time favorite – not because of what it says. But because of what it doesn’t)

2. In nature 

It’s been proven that your health can improve when you spend more time in nature. So can your soul. We were created to use and return natural resources. Whether it’s as simple as taking a walk, as ambitious as mapping out a long hike, or as gratifying as gardening, the last of which is included on this list, don’t be afraid to go outside and get your hands a little dirty.

3. Exploring a new place 

If you’re thinking you don’t have the money – no worries. Who said you can’t explore a nearby town? Or simply take a long drive? (I did both of those today, and it was a totally satisfying break in my day.)

4. Picking up a new hobby

Whether it’s learning a new language, picking up a sport you’ve always wanted to play (mine has personally been tennis) or taking an art class (possibly with wine involved), use your free time to feed your curiosity. Plus, you’ll likely do something that’s mentally engaging, yet relaxing – that perhaps presents the opportunity to network with new people.

5. Taking the scenic route

Remember that recommendation to take a long drive? Do it. It’s a wonderful and relaxing way to spend your free time. Especially on a beautiful day. Stop and grab a coffee. Or pack snacks. See a new town. Turn up the radio.

6. Enjoying your loved ones 

I feel like this shouldn’t be on the list, along with exercising, eating and cooking well, all of which I intentionally didn’t include, because this is probably something you already always make free time for. But, if you’re anything like me and have tons of family (or friends), grab lunch with an Aunt you haven’t seen in awhile or better yet – buy your younger cousin Brunch. Unless you weren’t blessed with great relatives, you’ll enjoy it and feel good about doing it.

7. Watching a great film, documentary or indie

I’m a total movie buff, so I had to have this one of the list. But if you’re not into big Hollywood film productions, watch an independent or a documentary on something you’ve always wanted to learn about. With the host of TV networks and providers, you can literally watch content about anything today.

8. Observing art

Seeing interesting, new art has become one of my favorite things to do. There are a plethora of museums and galleries to explore, especially if you’re close to a large metro area.

9. Working on a project you enjoy

Maybe you like to paint. Or sing. Or re-do things. Maybe you want to re-do the paint color in your room or make a family tree (I definitely included the former two because I need to do both.) Make the time for it. You’ll enjoy it.

10. Gardening 

With the great divide in food allocation and our fast pace utilization of world resources, more than ever we will need to adopt more sustainable practices, especially when it comes to our land / agriculture. Make a small organic garden. Grow some veggies or herbs. The beauty of our digital era is that if you don’t know how to do something (like garden) you can just Google it. Or ask Siri. Or Alexa. (By the way, if you have her – what are your thoughts?)

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